Hypoallergenic Siberians Forest Cats

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Otto and Sibina

Testimonial from Deb Collis:
I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Barbara for all the care and time that she dedicates to her kittens. For Barbara, raising healthy kittens and finding them caring homes is more than a business, it is her life. She puts her heart and energy into it and it shows in the quality of kittens that are produced as a result.
Over the past couple of years, Barbara has delivered to us three gorgeous, healthy, well cared for kittens. They have all been of the most gentle nature and very calm and well balanced.
Barbara has been kind enough to send photos of our kittens from birth and keep me informed of progress as they grew. Barbara gives in-depth direction of what to do when bringing kitten home and has kept in contact each time, to check that all is going well.
I would absolutely highly recommend that if you are looking for a Siberian kitten that has had the best start to life, Barbara is the person to contact.


Testimonial from Joe and Ben:
We are the very lucky fur parents of Maxim. He is a Prideshill Siberian born on 28 July 2015, bred by Barbara Gallagher at Prideshill in Burpengary Queensland.
We found Prideshill by conducting a web search as we were looking for a low allergy cat because as we have gotten older we have developed an allergy to cat dander. We didn’t know very much about Siberians and needed a lot of information about the breed and if it would be a good match for us. We are a professional couple so needed to make sure we got the right kind of animal to fit into our, at times, busy lives. We previously had a fur companion that was part of our family for a wonderful 17 years. Two years after her passing we were finally ready to welcome a new fur person into our life and hearts.
We had done some reading about breeds and breeders and wanted to make certain we were not dealing with a kitten farm. After a phone call to Prideshill, we were immediately and without hesitation invited to come and visit. Barbara was friendly, professional and completely open about her cats and her methodology. She was incredibly generous with her time. We were able to meet the Queens and Sires and see the kittens and spend some time with the them to make sure that we were not allergic to Siberians.
Barbara was very sharing of her knowledge of the cats, their heritage and the little quirks that make Siberians so special. Barbara was also completely pressure free. Her approach was all about the cats and making sure that we would be a good fit for the kittens as much as selecting the right kitten to fit with us!
Once we decided to take the plunge and committed to getting a new member of the family, Barbara really looked after us. She helped us select our kitten based on temperament and our preferences for colour and gender. This took a little bit of time, but that was no problem at all! Once selected, we were encouraged to visit and spend some time with Maxim as he was growing. This was a wonderful experience to go and visit and play with him while he was still with his mother and siblings. Watching him play with his brother Barron was a real joy.
The day to collect Maxim came very quickly. Barbara met us and made sure we had a little care package to look after Maxim to ensure he was able to settle with us with minimum disruption. This included his documents and a collection of foods that he was used to eating which was a wonderful little bonus.
The support from Barbara and Prideshill did not stop after pick up. Barbara helped us with Maxim’s next set of vaccinations and has been able to provide us with ideas and recommendations for him as he grows. We love sharing photos of Maxim with Barbara and Prideshill and can completely recommend her and her business to anyone who is interested in learning more about and welcoming a Siberian Fur Person into their home.